Case Studies
Aerospace and Defense Industry

An aerospace firm needed to protect their printed circuit boards from the harsh environment of deep space deployment. Their current process comprised of a heavy spray on coating of a wet conformal coating

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Medical Industry

Customer developed a state of the art hearing aid designed to transform the user’s own eardrum into a speaker, which enables delivery of an ultra-wide frequency range (from 125 to 10,000 Hz) and a higher maximum gain margin. Providing hearing impaired patients a hearing solution that is designed to change the current standard of care for sound performance. This small medical device 4mm x 3mm x 1.4mm is placed into the ear and is required to meet all the FDA Biocompatibility requirements.

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Aerospace Industry

Customer is a large OEM specializing in satellite design and manufacture. Satellites are designed for geosynchronous orbit and long term duty cycles. Customer contacted PRS with a need to reduce “Tin Whisker” threats on their electronic space satellite componentry and systems for deep space aircraft

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Parylene Coating Services

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parylene coating

Parylene Coating Process

parylene coating process

Parylene Technology - The Coating Process

parylene coating chamber

Parylene Coater

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers a variety of Parylene coating services. This vacuum deposition process, also known as polyparaxylylene coating, involves heating the solid parylene dimer to a vaporous state, then re-condensing it on the target assemblies to be coated. Parylene coating offers many advantages over wet-process or dip-process conformal coating:

  • Ideal for applications in medical, military, electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries
  • Delivers thinner film than other coating processes, allowing assemblies to be coated thoroughly without an increase in their size
  • Offers extremely high chemical resistance and superior electrical properties, making it adaptable for nearly any project
  • Vapor deposition process allows parylene coatings to be uniform in thickness and completely pinhole free
  • Parylene coating ensures complete conformity, coating the entire assembly and leaving no areas open to exposure

Parylene C, Parylene D & Parylene N in Medical Coating Applications

For medical applications, Parylene is the preferred conformal coating material as it is biocompatible, with a long-tested history and little risk of complications. Parylene is one of few materials approved for FDA Class 6 specifications.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers three different types of Parylene materials; C, D and N.  Dimer N is the most commonly used of the three in medical applications.

For applications where visual inspection is critical such as connectors or second assembly soldering locations, a UV tracer can be added to the dimer which will allow the coating to be inspected under a standard UV light source to assure that the Parylene coverage and masking meet the most stringent drawing requirements. The addition of the UV tracer to the coating during application does not reduce effectiveness of the Parylene Coating and does not require any additional processing during the application procedure. This material also complies with N.A.S.A’s low outgassing requirements of less than 1.0% Total Mass Loss and 0.1 CVCM (Collected Volatile Condensable Materials) or less outgassing in a vacuum environment.  As a result of Plasma Ruggedized Solutions high efficiency parylene coating system the fluorescence of the finished coating is uniform and completely homogenous making visual inspection of the coated surfaces possible without the aid of additional magnification. Contact us today to discuss how your needs parylene coating services.

Parylene Properties

  Parylene (N) Parylene (C) Parylene (D)
Tensile Strength, psi 6,500 10,000 11,000
Tensile Strength, MPa 45 69 76
Yield Strength, psi 6,300 8,000 9,000
Yield Strength, MPa 2,400 3,200 2,800
Elongation at Break, % 40 200 10
Density, g/cm3 1.110 1.289 1.418
Coefficient of Friction:      
Static 0.25 0.29 0.33
Dynamic 0.25 0.29 0.31
Water Absorption, % (24 hr) 0.01 (0.019") 0.06 (0.029") <0.1
Index of Refraction, nD23 1.661 1.639 1.669
parylene coating services

Parylene Deposition Pictured Inside PRS Class 10,000 Clean Room

Parylene Coating Services at Plasma Ruggedized Solutions 

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions utilizes proprietary masking processes that ensure greater safety for the product being coated, and result in superior and consistent product quality. Our proprietarily-controlled parylene coating services feature multistage operator and inspection points to assure high first time yields.

Following any necessary cleaning and masking, the assemblies to be coated are positioned in the deposition chamber. The product remains at room temperature during the coating process. Coating thickness is controlled by the amount of dimer loaded into the system. The parylene dimer is then heated until it changes from its solid powder form to a vapor. The high temperatures used cleave the dimer into two monomers. These monomer molecules enter the deposition chamber and form the polyparaxylylene polymer. This process ensures that the coating forms consistently over all available surfaces. The result is a thin, uniform coating with high chemical resistance and superior dielectric properties, ideal for numerous applications.

Parylene is the Cadillac of conformal coatings.

Its physical characteristics make it highly resistant to various hostile environments, because of its precision application and enduring features it is the preferred conformal coating material of military and medical customers.

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