Vapor Deposition Coating Services

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Conformal coatings are needed to insulate and extend the lifespan of your PCBs and other intricate electrical components. As a global leader in conformal coating services, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions provides you with the most effective NADCAP, AS9100 and NASA-certified coating services available. Additionally, our extensive knowledge in the protection of circuit board assemblies allows us to protect your circuitry to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Vapor Deposition involves using a chemical vacuum polymerization process to effectively seal your PCBs with a uniform Parylene coating. Vapor Deposition Parylene coatings can also be applied in conjunction with other coating methodologies for superior protection. We can perform vapor deposition processes to add Parylene coatings to your LED components. Our Parylene vapor deposition coating method provides true pinhole-free circuit board coatings that allow for complete protection from impact in addition to the following:

  • Electrical leakage
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Salt, Fog and other corrosive threats
  • Temperature fluctuation, Shock and Vibration
  • Fungus
  • Dust

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can assist you from the design stages onward to help make the PCB/LED coating process easier and more effective. 

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An Innovative Method For Parylene Coating

Parylene conformal coating is applied using a vacuum deposition process, also known as polyparaxylylene coating, that involves heating the solid Parylene dimer to a vaporous state, then re-condensing it on the target assemblies to be coated. The vapor deposition process allows Parylene coatings to be uniform in thickness and completely pinhole free with a dielectric strength exceeding 6000 volts per mil. Vapor Deposition coatings are suitable for a variety of industries, including:


Check out our Dip Conformal Coating or Spray Conformal Coating processes. Still not sure? Get in touch with a PRS expert and learn more about our complete conformal coating services.

Chemical Vapor Deposition Coating Advantages

Chemical vapor deposition Parylene coatings for LED’s feature excellent light transmission properties, and, thanks to our specialized application process, coat almost every possible surface for superior protection. The vapor deposition process creates a completely even coating with extremely low permeability for added moisture, chemical, and solvent protection.

Vapor deposition is an extremely intricate PCB protection method, which makes this process ideal for smaller batches in which a more intricate Parylene layer is required.

Why Work With Plasma?

While our state-of-the-art material application concepts are constantly evolving, we have always operated on four major structural pillars:

1. High-quality NADCAP, AS9100 and NASA-certified engineering services.

2. A constant drive for developing process and safety control.

3. A quality first/customer-centric mentality centered on open and honest communication.

4. Continuous improvement performance (CIP) culture for the empowerment of both our customers and employees.

For detailed information about our conformal coating projects, please check out our case studies.

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Plasma Ruggedized Solutions provides a wide range of circuit board coating services including PCB conformal coating and electronic potting and encapsulation to enhance the performance of your printed circuit boards. We offer testing and laboratory services to identify issues and defects. We also provide the removal and striping of printed circuit coatings to prepare PCBs for reworking.

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