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Production & Engineering Services

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View Under UV Light

Conformal Coating Services from Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

Conformal Coating Services

We offer a wide variety of services across multiple industries. Our specialized capabilities and expertise make it possible for us to create custom ruggedized solutions for any application.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is a leading service provider in the application of Acrylic/Silicone/Urethane and Parylene coatings (Polyparaxylylene). We also offer engineering expertise with large production operating labs for the application of: potting/encapsulation, plasma etchback and desmear, BGA underfill, and laboratory services for printed circuit boards.

Conformal Coating Application & Inspection Services

We specialize in the application of acrylics/silicone/urethane conformal coating services designed to meet your specific industry goals. Better protect your electronics against corrosion, contaminants, leakage, salt, and other severe conditions with cutting-edge Blue Spark™, Kronos-10, and Kryptos-17 coating solutions.

Parylene Coating Services

Protect components, devices, and services with our perfectly-uniform, vacuum-deposition Parylene (Polyparaxylylene) coating services. Parylene coatings offer high chemical resistance, superior electrical properties and are the only conformal coating material that is FDA approved for medical implantation.  Protect your assemblies with a thinner, more temperature resistant coating film that has been proven effective across a variety of industries.

Electronic Potting/Encapsulation

Our potting/encapsulation services provide a physically robust solution to protect PCBs and assemblies in challenging environments. Potting/encapsulation enhances circuit reliability by eliminating current leakage, while also protecting against voltage arcs and short circuits by preventing tin whisker growth.

Coatings & Encapsulation Services for LED Displays

Our coatings & encapsulation services are designed to protect against the functional and physical degradation of components when they are exposed to challenging or harsh environments. PRS’s thin film solutions for LED’s and electronics offer superior protection without affecting the components optical or light transmission properties.

3D Printing Services

Our 3D printing capabilities allow us to engineer and manufacture products, tools, prototypes, and fixtures with a laser-precision quality that surpasses conventionally manufactured parts. Efficiently produce custom, superalloy-constructed products for a wide range of high-end and lower-end applications with PRS’s 3D Printing solutions.

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Underfill Services

We provide underfill services for BGA and other low-profile components designed to protect sensitive electronic assemblies against shock and vibration. The BGA underfill services we offer are highly adaptable, allowing for us to create the perfect solution for any customer requirement.

Plasma Etchback & Desmear Treatments

Our plasma etchback and plasma desmear services remove drilling residue created during the manufacturing processes of PCBs. Plasma etchback and plasma desmear processes improve circuit reliability in PCBs by promoting good electrical contact, interconnects, and copper through-plating. We also specialize in plasma etchback & desmear treatments for chemically sensitive components.

Form-In-Place Gasket Solutions

Form-in-place gasket materials are dispensed directly onto the PCBA or, its housing to replace standard O-rings and gaskets. Form-in-place gaskets provide greater protection from environmental contaminants and EMI/RFI interference and all but eliminate the possibility of gasket loss or shift. PRS offers a variety of materials designed to suit your applications’ exact needs.

Removal/Stripping of Conformal Coatings

Conformal coatings may need to be removed from components for several reasons, including repair or refurbishing, failure analysis, functional interference caused by the coating, or incorrect coating application. Using a variety of methods including solvent-based, physical and plasma coating removal, we can safely and effectively remove conformal coatings from your PCBs.

Design, Prototyping, & Engineering Services

We offer a variety of engineering, design, and prototyping services to help optimize your components and assemblies such as conformal coating for EMI/RFI interference shielding, potting/encapsulation processes. We can assist with everything from materials selection and circuit board layout design to the assembly process and more.

Materials Development

PRS offers a wide variety of materials available for conformal coating, potting/encapsulating services including Blue Spark™, Kronos-10, and Kryptos-17 coating solutions. We also work to develop new materials to fit new applications and to make our custom formulated coating materials, potting & encapsulation solutions even more efficient.

Testing/Screening & Laboratory Services

Our in-house testing, screening, and laboratory services ensure the highest quality for all coated, potted, and encapsulated parts. We can run tests before, during, and after the coating process to check for several factors that could negatively affect the functionality and performance of treated PCBs and assemblies.

Plasma Equipment Repair Services, Support & Sales

We have the capabilities to repair, refurbish, and rebuild older plasma equipment. Our skilled technicians can refurbish old machines by adding new functions and features to match today’s production standards. We offer services and part replacements for power generators, vacuum pumps, hardware, solenoids, valves and more.

We also sell refurbished machines at a fraction of the cost of new plasma equipment.

Equipment List

We have some of the most technologically advanced equipment available with which to perform our conformal coating and potting/encapsulation services. Our state-of-the-art facilities are among the finest in the industry.

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Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is the industry leader in potting, encapsulation, and conformal coating services for PCB’s and electronic assemblies. PRS works across industries, providing solutions to a variety of applications.

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