Ruggedized Coatings for Medical Equipment & Medical Devices

Biomedical Coatings for Implantable Medical Devices

Conformal coating for pacemakers and other implantable medical devices.

Biomedical Conformal Coatings

Biocompatible coatings for medical devices

Implantable medical devices and prosthetics require biocompatible coatings to ensure proper performance and patient safety and comfort. Non-implantable medical equipment requires coatings that protect against environmental factors and the rigors of day-to-day use. All medical equipment is subject to extremely strict quality control standards, as are the coatings these devices require. 

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) provides biocompatible coatings and other specialized coating, potting, and encapsulation for medical devices of all shapes and sizes. Our thin-film deposition capabilities enable us to produce coatings that are just a few microns thick but still provide protection against bodily fluids, temperature changes, vibration, shock, and constant cycling.

Biocompatible Medical Coatings & More

PRS uses chemical vapor deposition to apply parylene (polyparaxylylene) coatings as thin as 10 microns (±2 μm). Parylene is an ideal coating material for implantable medical devices because it is a thin film material by nature, and can be effective at thicknesses less than one mil. As it is naturally antimicrobial, parylene also protects against bacterial attacks. It is the only thin film material that can take an abrasive load and still function at full capacity. Parylene adds virtually no weight to coated components, and is all but indestructible, making it perfect for the harsh environments encountered inside the human body.

Parylene is not right for every project, of course, and Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can provide other conformal coating, potting, and encapsulation products that provide exceptional medical grade performance. We will work with you to determine the best material for your application. 

We have provided ruggedized coatings for all types of medical devices, including:

  • Implantable hearing devices (cochlear implants, etc.)
  • Pacemakers, mechanical valves & other implantable heart monitoring devices
  • Prosthetics & electromechanical “smart” prosthetics
  • and many other such products

Both implantable and non-implantable medical devices must be able to withstand shock and vibration, temperature changes, bodily fluids and other moisture, and constant cycling. Our encapsulation, potting, and conformal coatings will keep your medical equipment operating at full capacity in any conditions, with minimal added weight. 

The Conformal Coating Experts

All of PRS’ coating, encapsulating, and potting services are performed in Class 2 10/ISO 4/ cleanrooms; with air filtration to 20,000 ppm, our facilities are almost cleanrooms themselves. All parts are inspected and cleaned upon arrival, baked to remove any excess moisture, and given a special plasma etchback treatment to improve the coating material’s adhesion to the substrate. As needed, additional processes can be performed to give the coating the special characteristics or finish it may require.

We are  AS9100ISO 9001:2008, and RoHS compliant. We utilize low-VOC count materials and environmentally-friendly treatment, cleaning, and disposal practices to make our operation as “green” as possible.

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