Zymet CN-1533 Underfill

Reworkable CSP and BGA Underfill Encapsulant

CN-1533 is a reworkable underfill encapsulant for CSP and BGA encapsulation that cures quickly at low temperature. It is capable of flowing quickly across distances of 750 mils and greater. This encapsulant exhibits excellent adhesion to organic substrates.


Download the Technical Data Sheet Here


Directions For Use

Preheat substrate to as high as 90°C to increase flow rate. Dispense encapsulant along one edge or two adjacent edges of the component. Recommended cure temperature is actual temperature of the encapsulant. For other cure temperatures, consult your Zymet sales representative.

Directions For Rework

Heat fillets to 170-180°C and remove. Heat component to above reflow temperature and lift component to remove. Remove solder with a solder wick. Heat underfill residues to 170-180°C and scrape off an orange stick. For more detailed instructions, contact your Zymet sales representative.

Storage And Handling

Store at -40°C or below. Thaw packages slowly, to room temperature, before opening and use. Refer to MSDS before use or disposal.

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