Form-in-place Sealing Compounds: ParPHorm S1936, S1945, L1938

ParPHorm is a family of non-conductive, thermal cure, form-in-place, elastomeric sealing compounds. These silicone and fluorosilicone materials provide environmental, fluid, and dust sealing of small enclosures. The product line consists of state-of-the-art compounds designed to be robotically dispensed onto small housings and then thermally cured. Curing of the dispensed materials is done via in-line ovens at 230o F for 40 minutes. Dispensed bead heights range from 0.018 in. (0.46 mm) to 0.13 in. (3.94 mm). Application advantages of the materials are resistant to a wide variety of fluids, excellent substrate adhesion, low hardness, and outstanding compression set properties.


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