Next Gen Tech for Repair, Touch-Up and Stripping of Complex Coatings

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ Next Generation Technologies provides a serviceable way to reuse your equipment, leading to less environmental waste and significant cost savings. By allowing us to utilize our repair, touch-up, and stripping processes for complex coatings you are promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. At Plasma Ruggedized, our green technology operations provide a way to take your viable materials with complex coatings issues and restore them to full operational capacity. PRS’s VOC counts are some of the lowest in industry. Plasma Rugged strives to consciously reduce its carbon footprint as a matter of policy, both in our engineering processes and through our CIP culture.

Our technology and engineering teams at PRS feature a wide range of useful solutions to correct or fully salvage damaged PCB’s or mechanical devices that have been subjected to improper coating techniques and applications. PRS can strip, touch-up and /or entirely re-coat the most challenging surface finishes.

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High Efficiency IP Equipment & Processes for Stripping Parylene

Our engineering teams have developed IP equipment and processes that can strip Parylene from a substrate (25 microns or less) using specialized Plasma technologies coupled with other IP tools and methodologies with little or no precipitable damage to the solder mask.

Given our deep understanding of high performance coatings such as Polyurethane, Silicone, Nano materials and variants of Parylene we have developed processes and procedures that can provide acceptable remediation results for even IPC Class 3 and 3a products.

Viable Next Generation Technological Options for Complex Coatings

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers several Next Generation Technologies that will successfully repair, touch-up, or strip complex coatings. The following is just a few examples of the complex coatings services that we provide:

  • Precision Plasma Technologies
  • Chemical Applications
  • Micro Abrasive Processing Technologies
  • Laser Ablation Systems

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