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Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction Testing Services

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Plasma Ruggedized Solutions performs two-dimensional x-ray diffraction testing for PCBs and other devices. This inspection process helps find flaws and potential flaws in circuits and circuit assemblies, and can help determine if the tested products meet required industry standards.

Our two-dimensional x-ray diffraction tests allow us to inspect internal pathways and electrical circuits that are inaccessible for visual inspection. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has specialty equipment with magnification capabilities up to 16X, to help us check for open and short circuits, and a variety of other possible flaws within the circuitry of the device.

This circuit board testing procedure can also be used to determine overall quality. We can check the alignment of drilled holes with their associated circuit pads, visually inspect internal wiring and soldering connections, and many other factors. Two-dimensional x-ray diffraction testing can also be used to perform failure analysis on damaged or inoperative devices.

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