EMI / RFI Encapsulation Services

Conformal Coating Services - EMI/RFI Interface Shielding Antenna Application

Conformal Coating - EMI/RFI Interface Shielding Antenna Application

Potting and Encapsulation Services - Encapsulated Board

Potting and Encapsulation Services - Encapsulated Board

Protecting Your Electronics with Conformal Coating and Potting

At Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) specializes in EMI/RFI shield engineering, design and prototyping. Our advanced processes gaurantee the effectiveness of your potting and encapsulation solutions. Our experienced team leverages CAD/CAM, 3D printing and CNC capabilities to oversee every stage of the encapsulation process. This allows us to create custom encapsulations designed to maximize the effectiveness of your components, sub-systems, and systems. We also provide EMI/RFI interference shielding services and product designs compliant with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance.

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The Importance of EMI / RFI Protection

Electronic and communication devices emit radiation at various wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum.  PCBs and other communication and safety devices can be affected by signals from other devices in a circuit or device, resulting in incomplete data transmissions. EMI/RFI shielding via potting and encapsulation can help block unwanted electromagnetic disruptions.

EMI types include Conducted, Radiated, Capacitive and Magnetic Interfence.

EMI/RFI Material Selection, Prototyping, & Design Process

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ EMI/RFI interference shielding design services help you address potential issues with your product’s design regarding EMI and RFI interference. Our technical review and input of your PCB design during the Development stage will help produce the best potting and encapsulation process for your components, subsystems, and systems. Our skilled engineers then determine the most efficient assembly method for your encapsulation application. We will then create customized solutions to help protect your assemblies from this interference. We can assist you in selecting the ideal materials for your design, both for the construction of your product and for the encapsulation it will receive.

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EMI / RFI Encapsulation Benefits

With the expansion of 5G technology, microprocessors and external sources that cause electromagnetic interference, it is imperative to create a barrier between a circuit and its neighbors. A properly applied and tested EMI / RFI encapsulant can optimize your components and minimize or reduce interference. Potting solutions can be far superior to a mechanical method for blocking rogue radio waves. Additional advantages of EMI / RFI encapsulations include:

  • Fewer Jammed or Distorted Signals
  • Reduced Power Fluctuations & Outages
  • Increased Lifespan of Electronic Systems
  • Improved Component Performance
  • Less Risk of Electrical Shock

Benefits of EMI / RFI Interference Shielding

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can engineer and manufacture products, tools, and fixtures in-house to support our engineering, design, and prototyping services. We can add form-in-place gaskets to your products’ housings, spray-able coatings directly on the PCBs, or a wide variety of other solutions to maximize your products’ resistance to EMI/RFI interference. Many of our EMI/RFI interference shielding solutions are electrically conductive, and are therefore typically applied to product hardware and not on the circuit boards themselves. However, we offer several unique insulative encapsulation methods that can be applied over our standard coatings to directly protect PCBs from interference, including:

Design Services with Solidworks and CNC Machining

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can work with you from the pre-design stages of your product onward to help determine spacing requirements, ideal material types used in the assembly, component configuration, and more. Our PCB engineering services can provide cost savings when we are included in the pre-design stage. During this phase, we can identify where to locate components, what spacing is needed, and what materials need to be procured. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can assist with circuit board layout, material thickness and solder mask considerations, and other elements of your design. Our design capabilities also include identifying points of failure for additional design efficiency.

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Why Choose Plasma for EMI / RFI Shielding Services

We can work with you from the beginning of your design processes to help engineer the best possible products for your application. Benefits of Plasma Ruggedized Solutions EMI / RFI shielding services include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easily Integrates With Your Design
  • High Volume Production options
  • Multiple Material Options
  • Improved Design Efficiency
  • Prevent Tampering

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