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Design, Prototyping, and Engineering Services

Conformal Coating Services - EMI/RFI Interface Shielding Antenna Application

Conformal Coating - EMI/RFI Interface Shielding Antenna Application

Potting and Encapsulation Services - Encapsulated Board

Potting and Encapsulation Services - Encapsulated Board

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) offers several engineering, design, and prototyping services. These services help ensure that the conformal coatingpotting, and encapsulation processes will achieve optimum effectiveness when applied to your finished products. With our formidable CAD/CAM, 3D printing and CNC capabilities, we can engineer and manufacture products, tools, and fixtures in-house to support our engineering, design, and prototyping services.

Our technical review and input of your PCB design during the Development stage will help you produce the best products and components for the application of conformal coating, potting, and encapsulation. We also help determine the most efficient assembly process to allow for conformal coating application.

Additional conformal coating services provided by PRS include EMI/RFI interference shielding as well as product designs that meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance.

For specific design and prototyping information, please contact us or call us to discuss your application needs.

Design Services with Solidworks and CNC Machining

Our printed circuit board engineering services help create greater compatibility between your PCBs and our coating, encapsulation, and/or other processes. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can work with you from the pre-design stages of your product onward to help determine spacing requirements, ideal material types used in the assembly, component configuration, and more. Our PCB engineering services can provide cost savings when we are included in the pre-design stage. During this phase, we can identify where to locate components, what spacing is needed, and what materials need to be procured. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can assist with circuit board layout, material thickness and solder mask considerations, and other elements of your design. Our design capabilities also include identifying points of failure for additional design efficiency.

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Conformal Coating Benefits for EMI / RFI Interference Shielding

EMI/RFI shielding via conformal coating assists with the blocking unwanted electromagnetic disruptions. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ EMI/RFI interference shielding design services will help you address potential issues with your product’s design regarding EMI and RFI interference. We will then create customized solutions to help protect your assemblies from this interference. We can assist you in selecting the ideal materials for your design, both for the construction of your product and for the coating it will receive.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can add form-in-place gaskets to your products’ housings, spray-able coatings directly on the PCBs, or a wide variety of other solutions to maximize your products’ resistance to EMI/RFI interference. Many of our EMI/RFI interference shielding solutions are electrically conductive, and so are typically applied to product hardware and not on the circuit boards themselves. However, we offer several unique insulative coatings that can be applied over our standard coatings to directly protect PCBs from interference.

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Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Compliance Certification

We can work with you from the beginning of your design processes to help engineer the best possible products that will meet FIPS compliance certification standards. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can give you a low-cost solution that easily integrates with your product’s design. We’ll work with you on everything from the initial board layout and prototyping stages through high volume production. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions aims to create easy application strategies that ensure high reliability of the end products and prevent reverse engineering at various FIPS levels. Our expertise in this field allows us to meet FIPS compliance certification.

Our FIPS compliance services include working with hardware, molds, machine tooling, fixtures, and other components. We offer material selection assistance and materials testing to ensure FIPS levels are compliant.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can also support components that can be integrated into your existing, already-FIPS compliant products. We enhance customer’s circuitry systems, safety systems, and anti-tampering solutions that will interface seamlessly with your products and assemblies and maintain those products’ and assemblies’ FIPS compliance.

Parylene Whitepapers from Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

Interested in learning more about how Parylene can apply to your industry? Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has published several whitepapers that you can read to learn more about Parylene, its applications, and more. Read our whitepapers today.

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