Dip vs Brush vs Spray Conformal Coating Methods

Conformal coating is ideal for a wide variety of applications including aerospace, communications, and other applications where circuit board protection is desired. Widely used conformal coating application techniques include dip, brush, or spray application. Each conformal coating application method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Dip Conformal Coating Application Methods

The dip conformal coating method involves dipping a PCB or other components and fully submerging it into the coating solution. This application method allows for fully coated components however issues can occur while drying the dipped components. Due to the nature of the dipping method, components must be withdrawn and hung to dry. This can create streaks within an uneven finish or inconsistent thickness issues. The dip conformal coating method is ideal for coating small components or used for protective coatings.

Brush Conformal Coating Techniques

Brush conformal coating methods involve using a brush to manually apply the conformal coating. The benefits of this conformal coating technique include coatings to cover repairs. This method is also a cost-effective alternative to other methods. One of the main drawbacks to brush coating lies with the lack of consistency afforded by manual coating. This can result in areas of the component not being properly covered.

Spray Conformal Coating Application Methods

Spray conformal coating methods use a spray gun to apply the coating. The coating can be sprayed either by automated equipment or manually by hand. Spray conformal coating allows for a higher quality finish than brush or dip methods, which makes it a preferred method for applications that require even coating finishes. This method is also ideal for larger components where efficiency and effectiveness come into play.

Plasma Ruggedized Conformal Coating Advantages

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