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Conformal Coating Services for Aerospace & Defense

Conformal Coatings for Defense Industry

Conformal coating for the defense industry.

Conformal Coating for Aerospace & Defense

Conformal Coating for Aerospace & Defense

Products and systems manufactured or processed for aerospace or defense purposes must meet some of the world’s toughest standards and regulations. The equipment and devices used in these industries often stretch the rules of physics to achieve their goals, and as such, there’s no room for error in any process that goes into creating these products.

At Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS), we specialize in Plasma treatments, potting, encapsulation, and conformal coating services for these kinds of difficult applications. We focus on aerospace/defense projects that fall into the C4ISR category: command control, computers, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. C4ISR applications require the highest performing materials and engineering solutions. PRS takes pride in our ability to meet or exceed these requirements.

The Right Conformal Coatings for the Toughest Environments

PRS works with the leading aerospace and defense OEMs, including Aerojet, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, GE, and Lockheed-Martin. Given the challenging environmental threats our clients face, PRS works to determine the best conformal coating methodology and material choices for the specific application need.

Conformal Coating for Advanced Sensor Systems

Over the years, we have provided encapsulation, potting, and coating for all types of advanced sensor systems and applications, including:

  • Fighter jets & other high performance aircraft
  • Drones & other UAVs
  • Satellites
  • Underwater craft
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV's)
  • Missiles & rocketry
  • Radio & radar devices

Line operating devices may experience extreme temperatures and extraordinary shock and vibration, among other challenges. We have the experience and the engineering expertise to provide potting, encapsulation, and conformal coating services that will keep systems operating in all types of challenging environments. 

PRS features two Class 10/ISO-2 cleanrooms for all processing; our facilities are practically cleanrooms themselves, with air filtration to 20,000 ppm. All parts are inspected and cleaned upon arrival and baked to remove any excess moisture. A critical engineering and service feature is our proprietary plasma etchback or surface treatment that ensures maximum adhesion of the coating material. 

Quality Certifications

PRS holds AS9100, ISO 9001:2008, COMSEC, ITAR, RoHS, and FIPS compliance. PRS uses low-VOC count materials and environmentally-friendly treatments, cleaning, and disposal processes to make both operations as "green" as possible.

Named to Top 5 A&D Companies to Watch by Aviation Week

In 2013, Northrup Grumman Aerospace Division recognized our expertise in conformal coating services, naming us one of the Top 5 A&D Companies to Watch at Aviation Week's Aerospace and Defense Programs Conference. This distinction was well-earned. PRS provides conformal coating services for the ejector seat system on the Northrup Grumman F-18 fighter jet. All deliveries were affected either on-time or ahead of schedule with 100% quality for 16 consecutive quarters.

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