Canapoxy FR-1810 A/B Kit

CONAPOXY FR-1810 is a flexible two-component, low exotherm, flame retardant, long pot life epoxy potting and casting system with excellent handling properties.


CONAPOXY F R-1810 contains a non-abrasive filler to reduce wear on machine metering/ dispensing equipment. CONAPOXY FR-1810 has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories to be RoHS compliant and recognized to UL 94V-0.


Download the Technical Data Sheet Here


Handling and Storage Instructions

PR-1810 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture when stored in the original unopened containers at 700 1k'-85 0 F. FIR-1810 Part A and Part B contain fillet which may settle during storage. It is recommended that both components be thoroughly mixed before use.


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