Dymax 984LVUF

Ultra Fluorescing Conformal Coating

Multi-Cure® 984-LVUF is a highly fluorescing single component, 100% solids conformal coating specifically formulated for rapid room temperature cure when exposed to longwave (320-380 nanometer) UV light. 984-LVUF retains a relatively high brilliance fluorescence after curing and will not fade. Thin layer coatings cure almost instantly to a depth of 7 mils and fluoresce upon exposure to "black" light. Multi-Cure 984-LVUF also exhibits adhesion to a variety of metal, ceramic and glass-filled epoxy surfaces. 984-LVUF is a moderately low viscosity coating which can be cured by exposure to UV light and secondarily cured with heat for shadowed areas on densely populated circuit boards.

Multi-Cure 984-LVUF are approved to Military Specification MIL-I-46058-C, Type AR, ER and UR (QPL#576-90). 984-LVUF meets"NSA" hydrolytic stability (reversion) requirements.

Multi-Cure 984-LVUF is qualified to IPC-CC-830-A.

Multi-Cure 984-LVUF is UL recognized (UL 746C), rated indoor/outdoor, to 120°C and 94V-0 flame class.


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