Bectron® PL 4122 E BLF

Bectron® PL 4122 E BLF is a transparent coating varnish based on modified alkyd chemistry. The development of Bectron® PL 4122 E BLF meets the latest requirements of electronics, low pin corrosion and fast curing at low temperature. Bectron® PL 4122 E BLF is lead free and has no aromatic compounds in the solvent. The varnish features superior performance in thermal and dielectric properties even under environmental stress.

The coating varnish is available in the following grades:

3 solids/viscosity levels for every application system:

  • ../37 E BLF..
  • ../40 E BLF..
  • ../45 E BLF..
Colour addition for quality control:
  • ..E BLF (colourless)
  • ..E BLF orange (transparent)
  • ..E BLF FLZ (fluorescent)


Download the Technical Data Sheet Here


Bectron® PL 4122 E BLF Applications

Coating of electronics:

  • PCB’s used in automotive and marine navigation
  • hybrids
  • SMD devices
  • discrete components
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