Heat Resistant & Cold Resistant Coating Services

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is always working to create ways to protect electronics and assemblies in the environment where they’re subjected to. As technology advances, it has become more and more common for these components to be placed in extreme temperature situations. At high and low temperatures, mechanical stresses become far more pronounced. High temperatures also often lead to accelerated chemical reactions and oxidization. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ heat-resistant and cold-resistant coating services will protect your assemblies against the rigors of extreme temperatures.

Coating Services for Military and Aerospace

Our heat-resistant coating services are frequently used in military and aerospace applications. These coatings are used for electronic components in vehicular exhaust systems and other high temperature areas where performance readings and information are gathered. In aerospace applications, both heat-resistant and cold-resistant coatings are used. Fuel ignition systems of space vehicles experience both high and low temperatures during operation. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers specialized coatings designed to handle both these extremes.

We have a variety of different materials available, such as heat-resistant and cold-resistant coatings, each of which offers unique features and advantages. We also have a number of custom coating materials available, which include ceramic agents or other fillers to help them withstand extreme high temperatures. Depending on the application, we can apply coating materials that are thermally resistive or thermally conductive. Heat-resistant and cold-resistant coatings can withstand temperatures as high as 816°C/1500°F and as low as -110°C/-166°F.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers a variety of heat-resistant and cold-resistant coating materials, enabling us to develop ideal material solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Heat resistant coatings must not only withstand the high temperatures to which they’re exposed, they also must help prevent oxidation, which can occur rapidly in these environments. Parylene coating materials are effective in both high and low temperature applications. Cold resistant coatings are more specialized, as extremely low temperatures can cause thermal stress, ice crystal formation, and fracturing. We most commonly use silicones or modified urethanes for these applications.

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Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is constantly expanding our capabilities for heat resistant coatings and cold resistant coatings. We are always looking to offer a new, higher level of protection for components and assemblies, to better serve the unique needs of our customers. Contact us today for additional information about our heat- and cold-resistant coatings.