Advanced Molding Services

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions utilizes SolidWorks software design capabilities. Our printed circuit board engineering services help create greater compatibility between your PCBs and our precision designed molds. We can work with you from the pre-design stages of your product onward to help determine spacing requirements, ideal material types used in the assembly, component configuration, and more.

Our PCB engineering services can provide cost savings when we are included in the pre-design stage. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can assist with circuit board layout, material choice, and other elements of your design. 

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We can work with you from the beginning of your design processes to help engineer the best possible security solutions for your products that will meet FIPS compliance certification standards.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions can give you a low-cost solution that easily integrates with your product’s design.  We provide anti-tampering solutions that will interface seamlessly with your products and assemblies.

Molding Services

Designing and creating custom molds is one of the most efficient methods for quickly producing high volume security products at minimal costs. PRS can create custom molds designed to your specifications.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ currently offers molding solutions offered in a variety of materials and pigments. Transform your production with our customized molding capabilities, including: 

  • Design Flexibility
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Material Selection
  • Easy Installation & Set Up
  • Reduced Footprint & Plastic Scrap Accumulation
  • Multiple Sizes & Products
  • In-House Design Testing

Prototyping Capabilities

We will work with you on everything from the layout and prototyping stages through high volume production. Our prototyping process is performed with 3D printers, and EMC machining assets.

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Related Services

In addition to Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ full line of electronic potting, coating and underfilling solutions, Plasma offers advanced aqueous cleaning technologies for an increased level of quality control. Additionally, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers 3 class leading 10,000 PPM cleanrooms (per ISO 14644-1) which allows us to process customer parts in an ultra clean, controlled environment.

Additionally, we can enhance customer’s circuitry systems with anti-tampering solutions that will interface seamlessly with your products and assemblies and maintain those products and assemblies’ FIPS compliance.

Learn more about our comprehensive protective coating products and services.

About Plasma

As an engineering-driven company, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is committed to creating cutting-edge, state-of-the-art material application concepts specifically designed to fit your needs and surpass your expectations.

PRS operates on 4 major structural pillars:

  • Engineering
  • Process Controls 
  • Quality First/Customer Centric mentality
  •  Continuous Improvement Performance (CIP) culture.

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Interested in working with Plasma? Contact us today and learn how we can help find the solution to your design, prototyping and engineering needs.

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