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Announcing the Addition of a Close Tolerance High Performance Parylene System

San Jose, CA - Plasma Ruggedized Solutions the leading service provider of conformal coatings recently acquired and installed its third Parylene deposition system. This close tolerance high performance system features continuous process monitoring, closed-loop monomer pressure control and precise deposition rate and thickness.  It has the capability to run up to 9.0" substrates and provide reliable results. The coater will deposit Parylene across a range of 5,000 angstroms to 75 microns with a typical tolerance of ±10%. 

The vacuum deposition process consists of heating the solid Parylene dimer to a vaporous state, then re-condensing it on the target assemblies to be coated. Parylene coating offers many advantages over wet-process or dip-process conformal coating:

  • Ideal for applications in medical, military, electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries
  • Delivers thinner film than other coating processes, allowing assemblies to be coated thoroughly without an increase in their size
  • Offers extremely high chemical resistance and superior electrical properties, making it adaptable for nearly any project
  • Vapor deposition process allows Parylene coatings to be uniform in thickness and completely pinhole free
  • Parylene coating ensures complete conformity, coating the entire assembly and leaving no areas open to exposure.

About Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) is an AS9100 certified provider of advanced engineering services and custom coatings for use across more than sixteen industries. The company is structured to offer quick-turn, multi-platform solutions consisting of engineering support, lean manufacturing of first article design concepts, and high-volume commercial production. PRS specializes in proprietary plasma technologies, application of conformal coatings, potting/encapsulation and epoxy compounds. Chemical offerings include Parylene (Polyparaxylylene) coatings, Acrylics, Silicones, Polyurethanes, Epoxies, and various BGA Underfill compounds. 

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