Humiseal UV40 GEL

HumiSeal UV40 GEL is a one-part high solids dual cure acrylated urethane gel. UV40 GEL is a highly thixotropic version of HumiSeal’s innovative UV40. The gel is designed to provide coverage and encapsulation over high profile components, connectors and component leads. Since it employs the same innovative chemistry as HumiSeal UV40 conformal coating, UV40 GEL has the same excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, flexibility and moisture resistance. The material is tack free after exposure to UV light and the secondary moisture cure mechanism will fully cure any unexposed areas within 2-3 days at ambient conditions. The secondary cure can also be accelerated by baking at 60-80 0 C with a small pan of water placed in the oven to increase chamber humidity. The gel fluoresces under UV light to allow inspection. HumiSeal UV40 GEL is in full compliance with the RoHS Directive (Directive 2002/95/EC).


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