Arathane 5750 A/B Kit

Arathane 5753-A/B (LV) is a translucent, amber, two-component polyurethane casting compound which, when cured, provides excellent electrical insulation to electrical/electronic parts.

Arathane5753-A/B (LV) exhibits excellent reversion resistance under heat and high humidity conditions. As a cured system, this material meets NASA outgassing properties critical for applications in outer space and high vacuum environments.

Arathane5753-A/B (LV) is typically recommended for encapsulating coils, trimpots, potentiometers and modules with complicated circuitry and/or stress sensitive components.


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Arathane 5753-A/B (LV) Applications

  • Stress sensitive components
  • Outer space encapsulating applications


Excellent hydrolytic stability giving improved reliability100% solids for improved ease of use and handling low outgassing, meeting NASA requirementsHigh thermal shock resistance offering greater component protection and reliability

Packaging & Storage

Arathane 5753-A/B (LV) is moisture sensitive and should be stored in a dry place and, whenever possible, in the tightly closed original containers at 25°-40°C. Under these conditions, shelf life will be 6 months from the date of shipping. Partial containers should be resealed using dry nitrogen or argon. Contact Customer Service for packaging information.

System Preparation

Exposure of Part A to low temperatures for prolonged periods may cause crystallization. Part A must be reliquified by heating to 70°C (158°F). Heat Part A until clear amber solution is achieved. Remove container from oven. Do not disturb contents. Allow material to cool to 25°-40°C in a controlled environment; do not force cool.

Measure height of the precipitate from outside of bottle. Do not use if level of precipitate is above 3/8 inches (0.6 cm), or if liquid remains cloudy or contains gelled particles. Contact our Customer Service Department with lot number, date received and condition of bottle.

Material is ready for use if level of precipitate is below 3/8 inches. Do not agitate. Slowly decant clear resin out of the bottle without disturbing the precipitate. Enough material has been packaged to allow for any precipitate and to assure sufficient Part A. For best results, filter Part A through nylon tricot, 10-25 micron size.

Use entire bottle so remaining material will not be contaminated with moisture. If this is not possible, any remaining material must be will blanketed with dry nitrogen or argon and the cap tightened securely. Store at 25°-40°C for best long-term stability.


Container should be plastic, glass, or metal. Paper and wooden containers or utensils are not recommended because of high moisture content. Weigh Part B into container first. Add Part A to container. (Do not use Part A if precipitate level is greater than 3/8 inches.)

Slow machine mixing or hand stirring will minimize air entrapment. Complete and thorough mixing of Parts A and B is essential for optimum end properties.

Mixture may be vacuumed by drawing 29-29.5 inches of Hg for 2-3 minutes. Material will rise and "break" so allow enough room for expansion inside the container.

Handling and Safety Precautions

Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures should be followed whenever our products are being handled and processed. For additional information please consult the corresponding material safety data sheets.

  • Arathane 5753 A: Warning! Causes severe eye and skin irritation and possible eye burns. Vapor or mist harmful if inhaled. Harmful if swallowed. May cause allergic respiratory and skin reaction.
  • Arathane 5753 B(LV): Caution! May cause eye irritation. Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause irritation and may cause allergic skin reaction. Harmful if inhaled. Harmful if swallowed.


Work in a well-ventilated area and use clean, dry tools for mixing and applying. For two component systems, combine the resin and hardener according to mix ratio. Mix together thoroughly and use immediately after mixing. Material temperature should not be below 65°F (18°C) when mixing.

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