Corrosion Resistant Coating Services

Conformal coatings, potting/encapsulation materials all offer some level of corrosion resistance. However, there are certain materials and coating methods that deliver greater protection against corrosive chemicals, atmospheric conditions, and other hazardous elements.

We use specialized urethanes, epoxies, parylene vapor deposition conformal coatings and encapsulants which are ideal for corrosion resistance. Each material offers unique benefits, but all are extremely successful at limiting the level of damaging gaseous compounds which reach the surface of the metals or other substrates in components. These materials also help mitigate oxidization, tin whisker growth, and other harmful reactions.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers corrosion resistant coating services which blocks hydrogen sulfide and other compounds that can cause component failure. The urethane, epoxy, and parylene materials we use reduce the rate at which harmful compounds penetrate and filter them out before they reach the working of the coated or encapsulated assemblies.

Conformal Coating Services for Harsh Environments

Our corrosion resistant coating services are also highly effective in protecting against harsh environments. Anywhere components are subject to salt water spray or exposure, frequent cleaning with potent solvents as in a medical setting, or other extreme environmental factors, these coatings and encapsulations offer superb protection. In addition to urethane, epoxy, and parylene coatings, silicone can make outstanding corrosion resistant conformal coatings for these applications. Silicones are effective against hydrogen sulfide, moisture, salt spray, and a host of other harsh elements.

Corrosion Resistant Services and Beyond

We specialized in corrosion resistant coatings services which can also help protect components and assemblies from:

  • Ammonia
  • Strong oxidizers such as chlorine and fluorine
  • Medical sterilizing compounds
  • Household cleaners
  • Industrial acids and alkalis
  • Fuels
  • Exhaust/combustion products

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions utilizes coating and encapsulation materials that are designed to withstand these and other hazardous, corrosive environmental elements. They’re designed to withstand long-term exposure to these corrosive gases and liquids, and can be easily reapplied should they eventually break down over time.

Taking environmental factors and application needs into consideration, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions works with our customers to design the best solution for their needs. With multiple specialized materials available, and effective conformal coating and encapsulation methods, we can create a unique, custom solution to meet or exceed any customer’s requirements.

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