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Saltwater and humidity are major threats to electronic systems. PRS has created advanced solutions for the automotive and military industries by utilizing materials such as Parylene, and other optically clear “tough gels,” that isolate the electronics from such contaminants. These types of materials are particularly effective with engines, batteries, APU’s and ECM’s. PRS has solved various salt water immersion, salt for, salt spray and humidity problems for passenger cars, motorcycles, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Our Parylene coating services and Kryptos-17™ epoxy resin system provides advanced protection to hardened electric motor components and batteries from salt water intrusion and adverse temperature/humidity changes.Contact Us

Advanced Protection from Salt Water Immersion & Humidity

PRS has products and services that can protect your off shore, electronic circuit board and automotive industry products from the harsh conditions of salt water immersion, salt fog, salt spray and humidity. These types of conditions can wreak havoc on the machinery and inner workings that your products rely on to function properly. PRS’ advanced technological protection products and services will keep your equipment functioning in the harshest of conditions.

Premium Circuit Board Protection

No matter what the industry, or application, electronic components and circuitry are often located in areas that are subjected to salt water immersion, salt spray, salt fog or humidity. The machinery that houses these components is often located on off shore sites, or along coastlines, that are regularly subjected to higher humidity and salt water. PRS’ coating services and Kryptos-17™ epoxy resin system provides the protection that your circuit boards require to function at their fullest capacity.

Salt Water Immersion Protection for the Automotive Industry

The inner electronics of today’s most advanced cars and trucks can be highly susceptible to the decay of humidity, salt fog and salt spray. Our Parylene coating services and Kryptos-17™ epoxy resin system extends the working life of the vehicle’s electronic circuits while providing improved performance. The traditional coatings that are initially applied by the factory are thin, between 25 to 75 microns thick. Silicones, acrylics, epoxies, and polyurethanes are typical types of factory coatings that are regularly used. However, these types of coatings have been proven to be inadequate for highly humid and salt water intrusive environments.

Parylene Coating Services

Our Parylene Coating Services provide advanced circuit board protection through a vacuum deposition process. This process is also known as a polyparaxylylene coating, which involves heating the solid parylene dimer to a vaporous state, then re-condensing it on the target assemblies to be coated. This unique process will protect your electronic components from salt immersion, salt fog, salt spray and high humidity environments.

Kryptos-17™ Epoxy Resin System

High humidity and saltwater invasive environments can destroy electronic circuitry. That is why PRS created the Kryptos-17™ epoxy resin system. It provides premium protection for your off shore or automotive industry circuitry needs.

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