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Plasma Treatments Control Process

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has been providing Plasma Etchback/Desmear services for PCB manufacturers since 1990. These services remove the residue created during the drilling process in manufacturing from circuit boards. Plasma Desmear uses controlled chemical reactions to clean epoxy resin from the inside of drilled holes in PCBs, down to sizes of 0.001”. Plasma etchback is a similar process, but in addition to the residue, it also removes some of the substrate surrounding the interconnects. These processes ensure circuit reliability in PCBs by promoting good electrical contact between their interconnects and their copper through-plating.

Unique Solutions for Plasma Etchback & Desmear Services 

We have a complete in-house lab to support our Plasma Etchback/Desmear processes, making us unique within the industry. We also perform full functionality verification, ensuring proper performance before the products are returned to the customer. Most of our plasma processing equipment was designed and created in-house, enabling us to deliver higher adaptability, greater accuracy, and more perfect repeatability of exactly-specified processes than our competitors.

Plasma Etchback/Desmear processes are far more accurate than more traditional wet chemical processes, allowing for far greater variation and tailoring of the entire process. They are also safe and environmentally-friendly processes. They create no environmentally hazardous waste products, and any bi-products that are created are 100% safe for general disposal. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ plasma etchback and plasma desmear processes are not only environmentally safe, they are also much safer for personnel than past processes as well.

Offering a Broad Spectrum of Plasma Services

In addition to plasma etchback and desmear, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers a broad spectrum of plasma treatments that most other facilities do not. We offer plasma surface cleaning and activation for finished or bare assembly surfaces, to create better solder connections, strength and retention when loading them with electronic components. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions performs plasma treatments to remove fluorine and other challenging elements from hard to work with materials such as Teflon® to prepare them for plating. We have proven processes established for:

  • Teflon®
  • Getek®
  • Nelco 13®
  • Kapton®
  • Speedboard C®
  • Polyimide®


We also perform gold activation, carbon removal, plasma etching, and other useful services.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions has expertise and technology which allows us to rapidly adapt for new, customer-specific applications. We are unique in our industry in that we offer multiple solutions for each of our processes, so any chemical sensitivity or other issues customers’ assemblies may present can be quickly and easily addressed. We can also deliver microprinting services, assembly sterilization services, solder mass removal, legend removal, and other highly specialized services. All of Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ processes can be performed in selective areas or over the whole of the assembly.

We use the safest systems available to ensure the highest possible protection for every assembly and component we work with. In addition to our in-house lab support, we use lower frequency electronics and much lower power-to-surface area ratios in our machinery to prevent any potential damage. All of our plasma processing equipment has been specially designed with the safety and protection of customers’ products in mind. Our equipment also delivers maximum operating efficiency, reducing power and resource consumption up to 50% in comparison to our competitors’ processes, while delivering the finished product in 1/3 to 1/6 of the time.

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