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Level 3 Cross Section Testing

A PCB cross sectional test, also known as microsection analysis, is a process used to analyze the internal quality of a printed circuit board. A portion of the PCB is cut out and then potted into a piece of acrylic that is hardened and polished so it can be visually inspected using a metallograph, which is a type of microscope.Contact Us

The Importance of PCB Cross Sectional Analysis

It is often necessary to check the quality of produced printed circuit board assemblies, parts and components before, during and after manufacture to identify and prevent potential failure points.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers cross-section testing service to help ensure the highest possible quality of your assemblies and components. Our cross-section tests are destructive tests, in which we cut out a small “test coupon” portion of the assembly in question and check multiple attributes to determine the product’s overall quality. This microsection analysis can be conducted at any point in the manufacturing process, including the prototyping stages. It can also be done after assembly, to test components for thermal stress and proper solder connections.

In failure analysis cross-section testing, we check a number of factors to determine what caused the product to fail. Cross-section testing has a wide array of applications throughout the industry, and is the second most common test method for determining the overall quality of products during the manufacturing process.

Cross Section Testing Services for Quality Assurance

Plasma Ruggedized Solution has a commitment to quality assurance that includes policies and procedures aimed at delivering high quality conformal coating and testing solutions to our customer. Our microsection testing can detect any number of flaws in PCBs and check that they were built to proper specifications. There are many possible problems that can be easily identified, including inadequate plating for electrical connections, the longevity of product components, and other common failure points.

From general quality concerns to minute details, we can spot flaws in your product. Dielectric concerns, proper material selection, and even the ideal sharpness for the drill bits used in assembly manufacturing can be determined by Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ cross-section testing. In addition to circuit board assemblies, cross-section testing can be used to identify problems or potential flaws in smaller, individual components.

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Cross Section Testing Services Based on Your Requirements

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers three different levels of visual inspection and microsection testing to give you the ideal service for your needs. Our testing laboratory in California can provide results in less than one day, depending on the x-ray inspection method chosen.

Level One “Quick Check” PCB Cross Section Test

This is a simple cross-section testing process that can identify the most common modes of failure in PCB assembly manufacturing. These include nail heading, delamination, resin recession, copper thickness, laminate voids, lifted pads, registration, and more. We also use this quick check procedure to test the results of our in-house edge-back processes. This is an extremely fast testing method, usually allowing for same-day or 1-day turns of test results.

Level Two Cross Section Testing Service

Our level two micro-section testing is a more involved process which checks assemblies and components for the most common failure points. These include dielectric spacing, inner layer copper thickness and trace widths. This evaluation process is far more intensive than our (quick check) service, but the additional time and cost required allows us to give you a complete report of any possible problems with your printed circuit board, as well as an assessment of the positive aspects of the design, including all areas of industry standard compliance.

Level Three PCB Cross Sectional Analysis

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ level three cross-section testing evaluates products and assemblies for extremely precise and advanced potential flaws, including thermal stress and related parameters. Given that the preparation and testing processes for level three microsection testing is extremely involved, the turnaround time is longer, roughly 2-3 days, and the cost is again higher, but these additional investments are negligible compared to the amount of time and money that can be saved in manufacturing and failure-related costs.

Utilizing Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ PCB cross-section testing in the initial stages of your manufacturing can help you find potential flaws in your product and ultimately save you time and money in the final process.

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