Coating Materials with IPC-CC-830 Qualification

Conformal coatings are formulated materials used to protect printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies from a range of environmental factors, such as moisture, dust, chemicals, and harsh temperatures. These coatings are tested for the performance of electrical insulating compounds following industry regulations. Initially, these standards were outlined by MIL-I-46058C.

Replacing MIL-I-46058C in 1998, IPC-CC-830 testing standards are streamlined to evaluate the performance and security of conformal coatings with higher efficiency. Materials previously qualified with MIL-I-46058C are recognized as compliant with IPC-CC-830, but materials with IPC-CC-830 qualification are not retroactively cooperative with MIL-I-46058C. To comply with industry standards, conformal coatings must meet IPC-CC-830 requirements.

What are the IPC-CC-830 Qualification Standards and Testing Specifics?

The IPC-CC-830 qualification details the performance of newly developed conformal coatings under various stresses common to electronic applications. Following exposure to thermal cycling, high humidity, fungal matter, fire, and weathering, coatings are evaluated for surface defects and subjected to testing measurements to determine whether dielectric properties have been compromised. Coatings undergo the following tests to establish IPC-CC-830 compliance:

  • Visual material inspection
  • Shelf-life aging dielectric testing
  • Cured material visual inspection
  • Uncured appearance inspection
  • Fluorescence testing
  • Fungus exposure and testing
  • Flammability testing
  • Measured for thickness requirements
  • Dielectric voltage resistance
  • Moisture insulation resistance
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Hydrolytic stability testing

IPC-CC-830-Compliant Conformal Coatings

Dedicated to industry standards, we only apply materials compliant with IPC-CC-830 standards. Our extensive selection of coatings for PCBs, electronics, and hardware applications includes the following:

BLUE SPARK™ Parylene Dimer

BLUE SPARK™ is a fluorescing parylene dimer formulated by Plasma Ruggedized Solutions to protect electronics and hardware, demonstrating impressive electrical, chemical, and physical properties. This high-purity film includes a UV fluorescing agent, which may collaterally enhance the final film deposit.

Parylene XY-C™ Dimer

Applied with a layering methodology, XY-C™ parylene dimer is combined with a plasma treatment and high-performance urethane or silicone to protect PCBs. This proprietary coating resists damage from water, salt spray, inorganic acids, bases, organic solvents, and corrosive gases.

Humiseal 1B73

Formulated for printed circuit assemblies, Humiseal 1B73 is a fast-drying acrylic conformal coating. This single-component acrylic has excellent flexibility, electrical properties, and fluoresces under UV light for easy inspection.

Humiseal 2A53

Humiseal 2A53 is a two-component, heat-cured, modified epoxy system for coating printed circuit assemblies and components. This epoxy coating provides exceptional resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Humiseal UV40

A dual-cure acrylate polyurethane conformal coating, Humiseal UV40 features excellent surface hardness, flexibility, and chemical and moisture resistance. This conformal coating is tack-free after exposure to UV light and has a secondary moisture cure mechanism that will fully cure unexposed areas within 2-3 days at ambient conditions.

Dymax 984LVUF

Rapidly curing at room temperature when exposed to long-wave UV light, Dymax 984LVUF is an ultra-fluorescing, single-component conformal coating. This low-viscosity coating exhibits adhesion to various metal, ceramic, and glass-filled epoxy surfaces.

Humiseal 1A33

Humiseal 1A33 is a single-component, polyurethane conformal coating for general PCB applications. This special urethane coating contains no free isocyanates and fluoresces under UV light for inspection.

Humiseal 1B31

A fast, air-drying, single-component acrylic coating, Humiseal 1B31 offers excellent moisture and environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies. This acrylic conformal coating has a final film that demonstrates flexibility and is easily repairable.

Humiseal 1C51

Humiseal 1C51 is a one-part, 100% solids and VOC-free, fast-thermal curing silicone coating with a low-viscosity and long pot life. This silicone coating is ideal for dipping and spraying applications and contains an optical brightener for inspection under black light.

Humiseal 2A64

A two-component, solvent-based, heat-cured polyurethane coating, Humiseal 2A64 provides excellent humidity protection and dielectric properties. This polyurethane coating is high-solids and low-viscosity, with a fluorescent tracer for inspection.

Discover IPC-CC-830-Compliant Coatings from Plasma Ruggedized Solutions

A leader in protective solutions for printed circuit boards and electronics, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions exclusively utilizes coating materials with IPC-CC-830 qualifications. We possess the highest level of quality assurance for conformal coatings.

Visit our guide to conformal coatings for more information. If you have questions about our products, contact our knowledgeable team for assistance or request a quote to start your project.