Hysol ES4412 Potting Compound A/B Kit

LOCTITE Hysol® ES4412

Hysol® ES4412 is a two-component casting system with excellent handling properties. This system combines low cost and flexibility with ease in handling. ES4412 is a 1 to 1 mix ratio by volume and is filled with non-abrasive fillers for machine metering and dispensing. This material has good thermal shock resistance and low exotherm, making it suitable for encapsulation of various components and modules. ES4412 is a low viscosity material, making it suitable for impregnating applications with small tolerances.


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General Information

For safe handling information on this product, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet, (MSDS).


Liquid Storage – Liquids should be stored at 23ºC or below, in closed containers. If stored below 23ºC, the material MUST be allowed to come to room temperature, in the sealed container, to avoid moisture contamination.

Data Ranges

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