Form-in-Place Gasket Solutions

Form-in-Place Gasket Solutions
Form-in-Place Gasket Solutions from Plasma Ruggedized Solutions
Form-in-Place Gasket Solutions

Form-in-place gaskets are designed to take the place of conventional o-rings and gaskets. The form-in-place gasket material is molded directly onto the housing, circuit board, etc, becoming an integral part of the assembly itself. This eliminates the risk of gasket loss or shift, and any possibility of non-conformity due to environmental conditions. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions offers in-house form-in-place gasket services, with a variety of materials available to suit your applications’ exact needs.

Form-in-Place Solutions Across Industries

Today’s complex electronic devices are highly susceptible to all manner of environmental contaminants. Every industry in which these devices are used, be it military, medical, aerospace, or other, presents its own unique set of potential hazards. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ form-in-place gasket services are designed to offer better protection for PCBs and other electronic assemblies against contaminants and EMI/RFI interference. We perform a number of unique and highly adaptable form-in-place gasket processes to reduce our customers’ overall manufacturing costs and the potential for product failure.

Nearly all of our form-in-place gasket solutions are completed using automated equipment, ensuring that we will match the precise requirements of your assemblies. From small quantities to full production runs, Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ form-in-place gasket processes will meet or exceed your applications’ unique specifications. Our engineered gasket services allow your company to minimize requirements for additional hardware, saving you time, design costs and material costs.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions will assist you in selecting the right material for your project’s needs. Our engineering team can help you with design concerns to optimize your assemblies’ for form-in-place gasket application. We’ll aid you in every step of the process to ensure that you can deliver the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions’ remarkably adaptable form-in-place gasket process will help your company turn a good product into a great product.

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