Ruggedized Coatings for Robotics & Electromechanical Systems

In the modern world, robots and similar electromechanical systems are everywhere, from the little autonomous devices that vacuum our carpets to the satellites orbiting the earth. No matter how significant or trivial their function, all robotic and electromechanical systems face environmental challenges that can negatively affect their performance and shorten their working life.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions (PRS) specializes in potting, encapsulation, and conformal coatings that can help the electronics systems on robots and electromechanical devices withstand harsh environmental factors, whether they’re operating deep in the ocean or far off in space. Our protective coatings and proprietary application processes will keep your equipment functioning at full capacity in any situation. Contact Us

Protective Conformal Coatings for the World’s Harshest Environments

PRS has provided coating, potting, and encapsulation services for robots and electromechanical devices of all shapes and sizes. While adding only minimal weight and thickness to components, our protective coatings safeguard electronics systems against a wide range of hazards, including:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Extreme pressure
  • Tin whisker growth
  • Radiation (on Earth and in space)
  • Shock & vibration
  • Moisture & humidity

Whether you’re building an advanced sensor array or a (comparatively) simple servomotor system, we can provide the perfect protective coating for your needs. Based on your performance requirements and product specifications, we will work with you to determine the right coating, potting, or encapsulation process and the best and most effective materials.

The Cleanroom Capabilities Your Project Requires

All coating processes are performed in two Class 10/ISO cleanrooms at our San Jose and Huntington Beach, California, facilities; these facilities are nearly cleanrooms themselves, with air filtration to 20,000 ppm. All treated components are inspected upon arrival, thoroughly washed and cleaned, and baked to remove excess moisture. They then receive a special plasma etchback treatment that ensures maximum adhesion of the coating material. As needed, additional steps can be added to the process to produce coatings with the special characteristics or finishes your application may require.

The Right Certifications

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions is AS9100ISO 9001:2008, ITARRoHS, and FIPS compliant. To make our operation as “green” as possible, we employ environmentally-friendly treatment, cleaning, and disposal processes with low-VOC count materials. 

Excellence in Action

A prime example of our potting, encapsulation, and conformal coating expertise involves the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Deep-diving robots were used in an attempt to stop the flow of oil, but for three months had consistently been failing in the field, as their electronics systems couldn’t withstand the extreme cold and pressure.

The manufacturer of the robots came to PRS for assistance. Within three weeks, we had developed a conformal coating solution that significantly improved the performance of the formerly-failing systems (from 4-5% yield on robotic valves and armatures to 99% yield). Roughly a week later, the new-and-improved robots successfully sealed off the spill.

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