Environmental Stress Screening

Environmental Stress Screening


Environmental stress screenings are designed to test your PCBs and components against the potential rigors of their intended environments, harsh or otherwise. Plasma Ruggedized Solutions uses this technique to measure the long-term reliability of products throughout their working life and to create systems to protect them against harmful environmental factors.

Plasma Ruggedized Solutions uses a large, in-house, temperature- and humidity-controlled chamber to perform environmental test screenings. We run tested components through a number of cycles of rapidly fluctuating temperature and condensing or non-condensing humidity, with dwells at both high and low extremes. This simulates the range of environmental conditions that the tested devices will be subject to, and allows us to determine if our coating solutions have achieved the desired effect that the customer is looking for.

Environmental stress screening lets us make necessary adjustments after testing, to maximize the effectiveness of the conformal coating, potting/encapsulation process we’ve applied. It is a highly effective and reliable test, which allows Plasma Ruggedized Solutions to continually improve our processes.

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