Dymax 9-20790

Dymax Ultra Light-Weld adhesives can be cured with UV or visible light. Ultra Light-Weld adhesives faster, deeper cures, increase productivity, lower assembly costs and enhance worker safety. When cured with Dymax Light-Welder UV lamps, these adhesives provide optimum process flexibility. They allow the user to select the optimum combination of adhesive and cure mechanism to meet individual process and performance requirements.


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Ultra Light-Weld 9-20790 is solvent free. Lasting bonds form in seconds to both flexible and rigid substrates. Bond strength on polycarbonate and PVC usually exceed the strength of those substrates. DYMAX 9-20790 is highly thixotropic and ideal for applications where the material needs to retain its profile prior to curing.

Dispensing the Adhesive

This material may be dispensed with a variety of automatic bench-top syringe applicators or other equipment as required. Direct questions relating to dispensing and curing systems for specific applications, should be referred to the dymax applications engineering at (860) 482-1010.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store the material in a cool, dark place when not in use. Do not expose to visible or uv light. This product may polymerize upon prolonged exposure to ambient light. Keep covered when not in use. This material has a one-year shelf life when stored between 10 ̊c (50 ̊f) and 32 ̊c (90 ̊f) in the original, unopened container.

Clean Up

Uncured material may be removed from dispensing components and parts with organic solvents. Cured material will be impervious to many solvents and difficult to remove. Clean up of cured material may require mechanical methods of removal.

General Information

This product is intended for industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Wear impervious gloves. Repeated or continuous skin contact with uncured material may cause irritation. Remove material from skin with soap and water. Never use organic solvents to remove material from skin and eyes. For more information on the safe handling of this material, please refer to the material safety data sheet before use.

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